Air Duct Cleaning During the Coronavirus Pandemic



Sani-Vac Service for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Air Handling Unit and Air Duct Cleaning


air duct cleaning during coronavirus

With over 45 years of experience and a team capable of completing commercial air duct cleaning projects of any size you can rely on Sani-Vac Service during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our team will follow the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) during the cleaning process. We use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect ourselves and our customers.


If your building has remained open or if you are preparing to re-open, Sani-Vac is qualified to clean your air ducts and disinfect your air handling units. We can complete an HVAC unit and air duct inspection and recommend any cleaning and disinfecting services to help keep your building's air quality healthy. The Sani-Vac team uses hospital grade EPA approved disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19) on air handling units and areas that require disinfection.



Our Approach to HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning



Air Handling Unit Cleaning and Disinfection


air handling unit cleaning during coronavirus

Air handling units have components that may require cleaning and disinfection. Sani-Vac will inspect and clean all interior components of you air handling units. Our technicians will remove and bag old dirty air filters. We use Fiberlock Shockwave RTU disinfectant and cleaner on any element that can be disinfected. Fiberlock Shockwave RTU is registered with the EPA for use with COVID-19. Shockwave is a state of the art disinfectant & cleaner designed to handle any air handling unit cleaning need.


Our team can also use Shockwave to clean and disinfect all related supply diffusers and return air grills. These areas can catch dust as well as anything else that is airborne. Effective cleaning & disinfecting services is an important element in keeping your air conveyance system virus free.


Sani-Vac has the experience and technicians to manage air duct cleaning jobs of any size. We work with many hospitals, automotive companies, manufacturing operations, warehouses, universities, apartments, restaurants, casinos, nursing homes, churches, and retail facilities.


Why Call Sani-Vac During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Maintaining a clean HVAC system including air ducts has always been an important part of building maintenance. During the Coronavirus Pandemic it has become a necessity for any building manager or operation. To provide the cleanest environment possible for employees, tenants, student, patients, and customers call Sani-Vac today for a free estimate.