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Sani-Vac Service specializes in providing thorough and high quality air duct cleaning services to the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. We provide a safer, healthier, and more productive environment for your employees and clients through our unwavering dedication to enhancing indoor air quality.


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The Sani-Vac cleaning process utilizes a total "Source Removal" method of air duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning. This method is effective for air duct cleaning, heating system cleaning, air conditioning duct cleaning, and all HVAC ventilation system cleaning applications. Our process is best suited to office buildings, schools, nursing homes and hospitals, in addition to other industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.


Comprehensive Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Duct Cleaning Services


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Maintaining a clean workplace requires routine cleansing of the commercial building's air duct system. At SANI-VAC, we provide a comprehensive commercial air duct cleaning service that increases HVAC system performance, reduces energy costs, and improves indoor air quality. Our skilled staff eliminates dust, debris, and allergens that have accumulated over time using efficient instruments and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Regular air duct cleaning reduces the likelihood of allergies and respiratory issues, resulting in a healthier environment for both employees and customers. Trust SANI-VAC, your premier source for commercial air duct cleaning, to make your company's operations cleaner, healthier, and more productive.


Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

Industrial air duct systems frequently contain contaminants such as heavy dust, chemical byproducts, and microbiological contamination, which can negatively impact the health of your employees and the efficacy of your business operations. SANI-VAC offers specialized industrial air duct cleansing services to accommodate the complex requirements of industrial facilities. We use innovative cleaning techniques and industrial-grade equipment to effectively remove harmful impurities, thereby increasing machine efficiency, enhancing air quality, and adhering to health and safety regulations. Our objective is to provide your industrial operations with a safe, sanitary, and productive working environment.


Institutional Air Duct Cleaning

In institutional settings, such as schools, hospitals, and government buildings, the highest standards of hygiene and indoor air quality are required. The institutional air duct cleaning services provided by SANI-VAC will assist you in maintaining these standards effectively. Due to their familiarity with the specific needs of these environments, our trained staff employs precise, exhaustive cleaning techniques to eliminate contamination from air duct systems. Regular cleaning not only promotes the health and comfort of everyone in the institution, but also extends the life of the HVAC systems and reduces energy consumption. Trust SANI-VAC, where we prioritize the health and wellness of your employees and customers while maintaining the highest possible HVAC efficiency.


Sani-vac Service Inc. has extensive experience, training, and certification in the proper methods of containment and source removal in HVAC air duct systems. We can clean the following:

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning


Why Choose Sani-Vac Service?

Do not accept inferior air duct cleaning services. You can rely on Sani-Vac Service to deliver exceptional results that help keep your building's environment healthy, clean, and efficient. Contact us today to schedule air duct cleaning. Let's work together to improve the interior air quality for everyone in your facility. Sani-Vac Service is a market leader in air duct cleaning due to its many years of experience in the industry. This is why:


Over 45 Years of Experience in Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional HVAC Unit Cleaning Services


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Sani-Vac has many years of experience in cleaning a diverse variety of air conveyance systems and components. Our use of the latest technology equipment for the cleaning process ensures the customer high quality results. We have provided many different industries in the past 40 years with professional HVAC, air duct, heating, cooling, and commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning and sanitizing services.


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Since 1975, Sani-Vac Service has provided licensed and certified air duct cleaning services. We have decades of experience cleaning air ducts in hospitals, schools, universities, condominiums, apartments, restaurants, stores, government buildings, manufacturing and industrial sites, factories, and high rise structures. Mold, bacteria, and odors in your air duct system can be reduced through routine inspection and cleaning. Call Sani-Vac Service today to schedule an air duct cleaning appointment.


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