Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service Lansing, Michigan


For excellent results in commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning in Lansing, Michigan call the experts at SANI-VAC Service.


SANI-VAC Service can clean your entire kitchen exhaust system including hoods, canopies, and fans. We will remove the grease and greatly reduce the risk of fire in your kitchen. We are members of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association and the National Fire Prevention Association. Our technicians are well trained and up to date on local regulation and code. SANI-VAC Service is licensed and certified to properly clean kitchen exhaust systems and hoods.


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning


If you require regular cleaning and degreasing in your commercial kitchen call us today for a free estimate.


SANI-VAC Service since 1975 has provided regular cleaning and degreasing services for kitchen hoods, canopies, exhaust systems, and fans. We work with large corporations, institutions, and restaurants, a maintenance plan can be set up to keep your exhaust system and hood clean and reduce the fire hazard of grease build up.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Before and After Photos


SANI-VAC Service has many commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning customers including corporate cafeterias, restaurants, schools, universities, dormitories, and casinos.


Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Degreasing


Commercial Kitchen Degreasing


For excellent service in Lansing, Michigan commercial kitchen hood and exhaust system cleaning call SANI-VAC Service today. We are licensed and certified to clean and remove grease from kitchen exhaust systems. Our technicians will work with your schedule and cause no disruption to your business.