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Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Air Duct Cleaning HVAC System Cleaning Detroit, Michigan


Are you looking for an experienced commercial, industrial, or institutional HVAC system, air duct cleaning, air conditioning ductwork, or heating ventilation system inspection and cleaning service in Detroit, MI?

Let SANI-VAC Service inspect your Detroit, Michigan commercial air duct system with the latest high tech equipment. We use Borescopes and remote inspection equipment to easily discover problem areas in your ductwork or ventilation system and determine the proper course of action. Our equipment documents its findings with digital photographs.


Are you concerned that your HVAC, heating, and cooling ductwork may be contributing to allergies or illness in your Detroit, MI company?

SANI-VAC Service can inspect your air duct system with digital equipment and make a recommendation for any cleaning or sanitization that may be required. SANI-VAC Service employs many systems to clean your air duct system including EPA registered fogging agents to kill bacteria and mold. We offer comprehensive HVAC and air duct cleaning and sanitizing services for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in Detroit, MI.


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Detroit, MI HVAC System Cleaning Services


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning


Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitization Benefits Detroit, MI


For the past 36 years SANI-VAC Service has provided commercial buildings in Detroit, MI with professional, high quality HVAC, air duct, heating, and cooling system cleaning and sanitizing services. Some of the many clients we serve include Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Condos, Apartments, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Government Buildings, Manufacturing and Industrial sites, Factories, and High rise buildings. Clean, healthy air is important to maintain in any working environment. With regular inspection and cleaning the occurrence of mold growth, bacteria, and odors can be greatly reduced in your ventilation system.


Call us today to if you have any questions regarding the benefits of commercial air duct cleaning for your business in Detroit, MI. To schedule an appointment or speak with one of our technicians call us at (800) 726-4822.